Артисты: Montefiori Cocktail

montefiori_cocktail1.jpgThe duo is formed by a couple of twins who play different musical instruments: Francesco (Kekko) at keyboards and Federico (Kikko) at sax, flute and voice. The two brothers, sons of sax player Germano Montefiori, a talented 60’s and 70’s musician, before becoming Montefiori Cocktail, have worked separately. Francesco was a producer of house and breakbeat music, while Federico played sax in many bands. Their career as Montefiori Cocktail starts in 1995 but the first release is on 1997 with “Raccolta n. 1” followed by “Raccolta n. 2” in 2000 and "Re*Shaken-remixes album" in 2002, published by Irma. After three years and their move to Sir Richard Branson’s V2 Records, their third album, titled “Raccolta n.3”, was released in November 2003. For the 2006 they release the double CD “ A TASTE OF” like as "THE BEST OF" for IRMA RECORDS and “MONTEFIORI APPETIZER vol.1” and “MONTEFIORI APPETIZER vol.2” for EMI MUSIC: these were coming out in 25 countries all of the world! Their music is inspired by the sound that used to be called "Easy Listening" and that has become in its modern form, "Lounge Music". Montefiori are Italy’s major representative of the easy listening evolution, offering the 60’s sounds enriched with technological elements. Their style is inspired by the 60’s and the beginning of the 70’s. They grasp the vitality spirit conveyed by that period music, by reproposing it in musical forms that belong to our time, through the contamination with house, breakbeat, jungle, drum 'n bass sounds, etc..

It sounds like they want to prove that good music never gets old and, as the years go by, it gains its own consistency. Keeping this in mind, they revive the 60’s cult soundtracks, music from tv commercials, while travelling on Star Trek’s spaceship of melancholy to sail in the ocean of “de-ja vù” and easy dance. It’s a music to have fun with, for relaxed people and not only. Many of their tracks have been used for the opening titles or as a musical background at both local and international radio and tv stations, they have also been featured in famous tv commercials for well known brands and have been used in film soundtracks. Their musical taste has attracted many artists, for whom they have composed tracks and remixes (Claudio Coccoluto, Giorgio Conte, Johnson Righeira, Roy Paci, Pizzicato Five, Quinto Rigo, Skiantos ecc...) . They have an incredible “live” history: from 1995 up till today they played in over five hundred concerts in Italy and around the world, they took part to many important festivals like Jazz Festival in Montreux, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Warsaw,electronic music festival in MEXICO CITY and played in locations that are considered music temples like Jazz café, Blow Up, Madame jo-jo, Cargo in London, Cabaret Savauge in Paris, Casanova Revue, VolskGarten, B72 in Vienna, many tours in Russia, Ukraina, Slovenia, Croazia, Greece, Svezia, Poland, Messico ecc.. and Film Festival in Cannes, Venice, Locarno, Graz, Milan In 1997 they played in a month long tour in the States in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Austin and many others. In 2007 they represent Italy at EUROSONIC festival in GRONINGEN. .