Artists: No Mercy

no_mercy1.jpgMarty always wanted to become a Pop-Singer and so, at the age of twelve, he already got his first guitar for Christmas. After College he left New York to find his luck in Las Vegas. There he performed as a Karaoke-Singer for six months in "The Dune's Casino". Later he toured with a group called J Men as singer, guitarist and comedian through Japan. As nothing brought the wished success, Marty finally moved to Miami/Florida, where he got a job as entertainer in a Beach-Café at Ocean Drive No. 9. There he played Top-40-Hits with his guitar. By chance, one evening the famous German producer Frank Farian, who just was on vacation in Miami, came by and heard Marty singing. He was so impressed by his voice that he urged him to work with him. Marty said yes - provided that he could found a real band together with his friends Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez. He knew the twins from Ocean Drive where they jobbed as dancers in Clubs. Ariel and Gabriel came from Cuba to America with their family at the age of eleven. After High-School they began to work as dancers in the "Stinger's" Club. Later they toured the US as background singers with different artists. Finally, they found the band Gemini and got a record deal but the single of the same name was a flop.

One evening they had a performance at Prince's "Glam Slam" Club in Miami. By chance, Prince came by to search for new talents. Immediately, he offered both to perform as dancers in his video Pussy Control. Later, the twins even performed together with him on stage at the "Glam Slam". When they heard that Frank Farian, the producer of Boney M. und Milli Vanilli, wanted to produce them, they were enthusiastic. Since their foundation in July 1995, No Mercy were very successful all over the world. Their first album was sold millions of times (four times double platinum, seven times platinum and eight times gold) and the world-wide fan community is growing constantly. Maybe it's because of No Mercy's unique sound - a mixture of Gipsy-King-like guitars and Euro dance elements. All the same it's not that Ariel, Gabriel and Marty always want to get more successful and sell more CD's. It's very important for them still to have a grade of anonymity. " We still can walk on the street without a bunch of bodyguards and without being recognized by everyone. That's very important to us! I don't want to hide from the public one day like Michael Jackson has to. This price for the success would be to high for me!" says Ariel.