Артисты: Snap

snap.jpgSnap are unconventional musical trailblazers,which is why they have become one of the most internationally successful German pop acts in history. With their dancefloor anthem "The Power" the name Snap became, practically, overnight, the worldwide trademark for top class dance music and this was strengthened by the succession of hits that followed - "Oops Up", "Cult Of Snap" and "Mary Had A Little Boy".

Snap is a dance act who decided against reproducing their first hit sound many times over just to capitalise on the current trend. Instead they offer a broad based musical experience with a constant flow of innovative ideas. Their debut album, "World Power" went on to become one of dance music's few mega-sellers.

The second album, "The Madman's Return" produced another No. 1 smash with "Rhythm Is A Dancer" followed by "Exterminate" and "Do You See The Light".

With "Welcome To Tomorrow" the story continues. The first single and title track,reached the charts back in October and the second, "The First The Last Eternity" was released in March. The next single to be lifted from the album is to be "The World In My Hands",once again featuring Summer on the vocals and supported by an amazing new futuristic video due to be debuted during late August around Europe. All the recent videos have been made in-house by the producers themselves and shot using the creative talents of their long-time collaborator Angel as director.

Who or what Snap really is seems to be a secret for the chosen few! Snap themselves,whether consciously or not,have helped fan the mystery. It began with the many pseudonyms used by the two Frankfurt based producers and composers, Michael Muenzing and Luca Anzilotti. As DJ's they were only too aware of the preconceived notions about German productions and decided to list themselves in the credits of Snap's first album as Benito Benites and John "Virgo" Garrett III. The mystery continued with the comings and goings of the singers who occupied the stage next to rapper Turbo B, Jackie Harris, Penny Ford and Thea Austin, then by herself, Niki Harris - and also Paula Brown, alias Summer.

Snap released the single "Gimme A Thrill" on May 06, 2000.

The album "One Day On Earth" was supposed to be released on June 19th 2000, but it never got released.
According to Turbo B the album was going to be released on BMG, but just before it's release, lots of trouble
occured; the producers had a falling out with BMG, and the album was in limbo. Bookmark (the producers label) was going to release it in 2001 but that never happened. The initial single bombed. Turbo B also said that the female singer was giving them lots of headaches, and add that with the fact that she's overweight and 50+, the project was trashed.

On December 11, 2001 a greatest hits album was released. The album contains 16 tracks.

On 4 Februari 2002 a song was released called: "First, The Last Eternity 2002". It was released by Snap vs. Tom Novy on the label Kosmo Records on 12" in Germany only.

On April 02, 2002 Snap vs. Plaything released the single "Do You See The Light".

On August 26th, 2002 a "Best Of" album was released, this includes the "Do You See The Light 2002" version.

Snap! vs. Motivo released in 2003 the single "The Power (Of Bhangra) 2003".

Snap feat. Turbo B. released in 2003 the single "Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003".

Snap! has released in 2003 the 2 x CD compilation entitled "The Cult Of Snap! 1990-2003".
The 1st CD features remixes and the 2nd CD features the originals.

On November 11, 2003 Snap! feat. NG3 released the single "Ooops Up!".