Артисты: Modern Talking

thomas_anders1.jpgThomas Anders (born Bernd Weidung, 1 March 1963, in Münstermaifeld, Germany) is a German singer, composer and record producer. His parents were Helga and Peter Weidung. He has one brother (Achim) and one sister (Tania). He was married to Nora Balling from 1985 to 1999. At present his wife is Claudia Hess. He has a son named Alexander Mick. He participated in the pop duo Modern Talking together with Dieter Bohlen in 1984-1987 and in 1998-2003. Thomas Anders began his career when he was 17 in 1980 with debut single Judy. In 1979 he won a music competition of the radio station Radio Luxembourg. In 1981 he appeared on Michael Schanze show Hatten sie heut' Zeit für uns, his first producer was Daniel David. In 1983 he met Dieter Bohlen who produced F.R. David cover Pick up the Phone by German version Was macht das schon and real life cover Send me an Angel by German version also. From late 1983 to mid 1984 Bohlen produced many national hits including Wovon träumst du denn (reached top 20 in Germany), Endstation Sehnsucht and Es geht mir gut heut' Nacht. In late 1984 Anders and Bohlen formed the successful band Modern Talking with their debut single You're my heart, You're my soul.......that was a hit In 1987 Modern Talking split and Thomas decided to be solo when Dieter Bohlen formed his band Blue System,in 1989 he released the first album Different with new musical style like album's name,the first single Love of my own produced by Gus Dudgeon (Elton John producer),Reached top 30 in Germany in the same year.

The second album Wispers released in 1991, the first single The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye written by Roxette member Per Gessle, the song had a fast ascent on the Billboard charts, the next single I can't give you anything(but my love) broke into the German charts. In 1992 the next album Down on Sunset had succeeded, singles in Germany and Austria including How deep is your love(Not Bee Gees Classic) and Standing alone (with Glenn Medeiros). The album Barcos de Cristal was released in 1994 only in South America. In mid-nineties Thomas changed his musical style, under the nickname Phatomas he was involved a side project by the same name and some other projects like King of the Paradise and Chain Reaction, he recorded many covers including Our House (Madness) and No Doubt About It (Hot Chocolate). In late 1997 he decided with Dieter Bohlen to reform Modern Talking. In late 2003 Thomas signed a contract with BMG international as a solo artist including a new manager. The first single released on November 2003 Independent Girl reached NO.17 in the German charts and was his first hit since 1984,his first album since 1995 This time peaked at Top 20 in 2004.the second single King of love reached top 20 in Spain and top 40 in Germany. His new producer Peter Ries has collaborated with Sandra and No Angels. Later in 2005 Thomas won his legal battle against Dieter Bohlen. He was expected to release his next album in March 2006. The album was to contain swing song and a duet with Sir Cliff Richard. In March, Anders was one of the contendants to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, alongside with the Greek-born Vicky Leandros (Eurovision winner in 1972) and country band Texas Lightning, with comedian Olli Dittrich. He failed to achieve this goal, as the spectators chose the latter.