Артисты: Toto Cutugno


Italian pop singer/songwriter Toto Cutugno was mostly influenced by his father, a trumpet player, to pursue a music career. After playing drums for different local bands, Toto Cutugno formed Toto e Tati, performing his own compositions. In 1975, his song "L'ete Indien," written for French Joe Dassin, became an international hit, followed by 1976's "Et Si Tu N'existes Pas." That same year, while playing in a band called Albatros, the artist participated in San Remo's festival with "Volo AZ504," coming in third place. After issuing an album, Toto Cutugno left Albatros to start his solo career. In 1980 the singer consolidated his career in San Remo, after winning with a song called "Solo Noi."