Artists: Afric Simone

afric_simone1.jpgThis went on for years: Every night a young negro turned on the guests of various international night clubs, when he was not doing his regular 40 days tour of African and South American cities. His name is AFRIC SIMONE, a drummer a singer and an entertainer. Is this his real name? No, not at all but the color of his skin is. This showman sets about every new task with the same joy and enthusiasm. He is, in fact, predestined for his job because he has musical feeling and the ability to captivate the public. He is very self-assured on stage and, above all, he has experience. Where does he come from? How did he acquire his talents? He grew up in Mozambique on the East coast of Africa. Of course, not in the jungle, there is nothing like that, but in the capital Lourenco Marques. He appeared there on stage and a manager asked him to come to London. For someone who had his first contact with Western show business in London he has gathered invaluable experience for appearances in other European capitals. Affric Simone’s manager soon discovered his real talents. He gradually gathered experience in doing gigs.

What does it feel like for him to appear in clubs every night? It’s a hard job. There is hardly an opportunity to find out whether the public likes your show or not. It’s not quite the thing, spending every night in smoky clubs, but if you are tough enough you will not be disappointed with other jobs in show business. Afric Simone was tough enough. Sometimes he was a drummer then he sang with a group. Finally, he was the unrivalled star of the show. Although he was never at a loss for engagements, he extended his repertoire and did something for his career by making records by the score. But it is only these last few months that he has been taking it seriously and producing something special. Then things really took off. Affric Simone who, besides speaking German, English, Portuguese, French and various African languages, simply said to himself “language can’t be a problem if the rhythm, the music and the sound are right.” This idea resulted in a very special mixture of his own native tongue and European Happy Sound .

“RAMAYA” was one of the many titles. Although nobody knew what it meant, everybody liked it. Affric Simone, of course, did his share in the success of his music. Nobody would have taken any notice if he hadn’t sold it the right way. He was lucky that Eddy Barclay , no less, happened to see his show. The French record tycoon felt that working with Affric Simone would be a good deal. The day after one of his famous parties; everybody was suffering from a hangover, but Affric Simone, who had entertained the guests with his show, booked 10 TV appearances to his credit. Ever since then, he has not been seen on stage in a night club. “RAMAYA”is sung everywhere in South America. When asked “What are your plans for the future?” Affric replied, I want things to keep going on this way”.