Артисты: Arabesque


Armed with both underground credibility and commercial success, Arabesque (aka Aramaic) has firmly landed on the hip-hop map thanks to a combination of hard work, determination and skill. With insightful, witty lyrics and a Sly Stone choral grit, the Toronto born Palestinian has continued to shatter glass ceilings since the first day he ever blessed a mic. After the underground release of his debut 12" 'Choked Up', a thought provoking track inspired by the tragic death of his girlfriend, things began to move fast. With the record instantly hitting a chord with heads across the nation, Besque found himself graduating from campus celebrity to national radio mainstay. With over half a million people now bumping along to his music, it was time to step up into the major leagues. First came the release of second single 'Bellyache' and its slick video directed by acclaim filmmaker Cazhhmere.

 The track gained heavy rotation on MTV Canada and various other music shows, proving that the talented emcee was never going to be a one hit wonder. It was only a matter of time before the major labels picked up on Arabesque's budding success and started knocking on his door. With several of the industries top companies fighting to have him scribble on the dotted, Besque could have quite easily taken the money and run. But when an artist wants to be heard, the offer of a big deal isn't always the best option. Making the decision that going with a major would leave him rotting away on the shelf of development hell for years to come; he instead looked to the independent route. After appearing on the radar of the Sin Nombre a&r department in the latter part of 2004, a deal was reached and duly signed early 2005. Arabesque's debut album 'The Frenzy Of Renown' will be released November 8 in Canada, November 21 in the UK and Jan 2006 in the USA. After a long struggle bubbling just under the mainstream, Arabesque's singing to Sin Nombre will finally allow his music to be unleashed to the awaiting masses. If you haven't heard of Big Besque yet, we guarantee that you will have soon.