Артисты: Gunther & Sunshine Girls

gunther_.jpgBehind the name "Günther" stands Mats Söderlund from Malmö. Günther is a parody of the 80's style and especially the German 80's. He's singing in English with a German accent. He wears a moustache, hair style of the 80's and nasty sunglasses. In the video to the disco hit Ding Dong Song he's tempting after the choir girls (The Sunshine Girls) and is singing with an excessively dark and erotical voice things like "Oh, you touch my Tralala". The song was an unbacked big hit and took the first place on the single chart. It also had some success abroad, reached #3 in Ireland and #8 in Norway.

In the begining of May 2004 the next song was released Teeny Weeny String Bikini, which already went #7. Accoring to Mats Söderlund, Günther is 29 years old and a bachelor. Mats him self is seven years older, married and has two children. Söderlund is known as a well known club owner and party fixer in Malmö and has worked internationally as a photographer's model. For his third single, Günther re-released Touch me!, this time featuring the famous Samantha Fox. He turned right in to place 19 on the first week of the hit list "Tracks" in Swedish channel SR P3 in December.

2005 : Gunther's new single is entitled Tutti Frutti Summerlove. It entered the Finnish charts directly at #12. At the end of the year, their new single Christmas Song was released. The video was censored by the Swedish television.

2006 : Günther & The Sunshine Girls competed in March to be selected to represent Sweden at the Eurovision contest. Unfortunately they did not make it to the final. At the end of the year, Gunther entered the studios to work on a new album. 2 brand new tracks can already be discovered : Obsession and My Boudoir. One of them is maybe the forthcoming single.

2007 : a track called Ding Dong Song Philosophy vs Tom Snare was released