Artists: Jazzamor

jazzamor.jpgThe Beginning: 

The love for jazz from the 60s led Bettina Mischke and Roland Grosch together. With the concept to create a new sound with their own arranged cover versions, they toured with their jazz quartet halfway around the world. Always having Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz, Sergio Mendes or film music from Henry Mancini and Ennio Morricone in their suitcase. 

The Curiosity: 

How does jazz of the 60’s sound 40 years later updated? What sounds, with current production possibilities, could be taken for a Bossa-Nova? With these questions in mind, new ideas were conceived in the studio. Amazing was the response to the first own songs for which Blue Flame Records was won as a label for the first release. On 11.05.2002 at 2:39 pm 8.41 east longitude and 50.01 north latitude Jazzamor was founded. A time that was determined through astrology and which consequences would show in the next few years. 

The Retreat:

For a year they retreated away from the public and into the studio to develop their own sound. By 2003, fourteen new songs were playfully created, all relaxed and easy as a Sunday-afternoon: "A Lazy Sunday Afternoon." (bitte Link auf das Album)

The Start:

With the worldwide release of Jazzamor’s debut album, the song "Way Back" was discovered for an advertising campaign by the company Nikon. Faster than thought, followed concert offerings, especially in Eastern Europe. Arriving in the new Jazzamor “sound world”, the second album was recorded in the following year. More songs in light electronic Latino sound. Jazzamor shows a piece of their heart: "A Piece Of My Heart." (bitte Link auf das Album)

The Travels:

The desire for the new led Jazzamor on a journey, not just at concerts, but also in the studio. Every song on the next album takes place in a certain part of the world. Sometimes it’s the language, other times an instrument, a rhythm or a story, which takes the listener on a trip to a foreign country or a city: "Travel ...". (bitte Link auf das Album)

Here and Now:

”Travel …” was about the experience of being abroad, travelling – not just in a literal sense; the current release is about farewell and new beginnings after six years of togetherness. Whether it is new production methods, new musicians or something very private, many songs on the latest release reflect this matter. Unlike the previous productions, it was very fast and compressed into just eight weeks. The attraction, to play even more with the opposites of electric sounds and live instruments, was even greater. Music for a "Beautiful Day”. (bitte Link auf das Album)