Артисты: JD Davis

jd_davis.jpgIn 1973 JD Davis was born in the Belgian Ardennes. He grew up in the town of Spa, where his father was a musician and singer. In his teens, his passion for music became apparent, especially for the Rock, New Wave and New Beat songs that were played on the radio waves. JD's passion for music began to take a new form in the 1990's. It was then he began to distinguish himself from other youths by writing and recording his own music. In this period he used several pseudonyms; Dave Davis, Les Sabotages and even Jonathan & Bradley. The latter was his first collaboration with Chab (See further...). 

 With his own records under his belt, JD quickly began to build his name as a DJ. His popular sets were known for their Electro-Ambiance and Clubby-House atmosphere. One of the reasons why JD, The DJ, became so popular, was that he would always be one of the DJ's with the newest records. He played records no one else had yet. His many visits to the hippest clubs in Paris and London, where he kept an apartment, helped him with keeping ahead of the music trends! The apex came with the release of "Disco Salsa" in 1998. It became a huge club hit.

Next was the song "Funky Fantasy". A second club hit JD wrote and recorded. With the popularity of this song in the clubs, JD caught the attention of Kiko, a well-known French House/New Wave producer. Kiko asked JD to collaborate on a new album he was producing. For this album, that went on to be called "The Love Emulator", Kiko wanted JD Davis to sing. The project already had a name-- "Sinema". 
Also during this time JD recorded a new song for one of his own projects, "Les Sabotages". For this song he asked a well-known lyricist, Xavier Clayton (Lyricist for 2 Unlimited, among others) to collaborate. The song they recorded was called "Whatever You Need". It became a club standard in the Benelux and started a long-term collaboration between both JD and Xavier.

The first single from Sinema's "Love Emulator" album was "In My Eyes". It went on the MTV club charts for several weeks. The second, Depeche Mode/New Order-inspired, single, "Confusion", was played in high rotation in French clubs. Finally JD and Kiko collaborated again on Duran-Duran's "Planet Earth". In 2003 JD met David Guetta and Joachim Garraud, who were writing songs for Guetta's next solo album project. David and Joachim were already familiar with JD's work with Kiko and impressed by JD's singing. JD recorded two songs for the "Guetta Blaster" album; "The World Is Mine" and "In Love With Myself". "Guetta Blaster" was released in May 2004 and quickly went gold in France (100,000 copies). "The World Is Mine" became the Number #1 European club hit in early 2005, selling in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France as well as in The US and Canada.

At the same time JD worked with Chab again. This time on Chab's first album, "Dub, Edits and Whisky Coke". JD recorded two songs for this album as well; "Closer To Me" and "Monster". "Closer To Me" is currently a huge club hit in The US, UK, Belgium...and climbing the charts rapidly. With its enticingly subtle hook, it is extremely popular with DJ's and in the clubs. In June 2005, two new JD Davis songs have been released; "My Everything" a collaboration with Galleon's Philippe Laurent and "Chance Of A Miracle" a new collaboration with DB Boulevard. Currently, JD Davis is writing and recording songs for his very first solo album. This album will have several inspirations from JD's wide background in the music industry as a singer, writer, DJ and producer!